Top 5 Truck Mixer Manufacturers In The World

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials in the world. Made in special plants far away from construction sites, concrete needs to be transported while keeping its specs. That’s where truck mixers are employed.

The first-ever mixer truck was invented in 1916. All over the years, companies developed this equipment to meet requirements of evolving construction projects. After being mixed, concrete is loaded in the drum which has a spiral blade inside. The functioning principle is simple: when the drum turns in one direction, the concrete is pushed deeper inside. When it needs to be discharged, the rotation turns reversed and the concrete is pushed out. Depending on the type of work, this operation could be done directly into formwork, in buckets to be lifted or into concrete pumps. Concrete trucks usually have two or more axles depending on load and local rules in countries.

Top 5 Truck Mixer Manufacturers All Over The World

Many manufacturers produce mixer trucks worldwide, so if you are interested in buying one the following will absolutely help you decide.

SN Manufacturer Headquarters Model
1 Zoomlion Changsha, Hunan, China K6JB-R, K8JB-R, K9JB-R,WP10.336
2 CIFA Senago, Milan, Italy RY Series, HD Series, SL Series, SLX Series
3 SANY Changsha, Hunan , China SY202C-6(R) ~ SY412C-8(V)
4 Putzmeister Aichtal, Germany P Series, Mixkret Series
5 Schwing Herne, Germany Basic/Light/Heavy Duty/Trailer Line, EDrive

Company Summaries

1. Zoomlion

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd, is a Chinese agricultural and construction heavy machinery manufacturer. Founded in 1992, Zoomlion is the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China. In 2008, they bought CIFA which was a great opportunity to expand activity worldwide. The brand offers concrete mixer trucks with capacities from 6 to 10 m³.


CIFA, Compagnia Italiana Forme Acciaio, was founded in 1928 by Carlo Ausenda. The company was a world leader in the industry of concrete equipment manufacturing. The Concrete mixer trucks production started in the 1950s and ever since, CIFA kept developing its products focusing on safety and technology. Based in four countries; Italy, Germany, France and USA, the company provides the international market with a variety of product series: HD, SL, SLX and RY. Their capacity is from 4 to 15 m³.


Sany Heavy Industry Co, is a Chinese international heavy equipment manufacturer. Being in the market for more than 30 years, the Chinese manufacturer improved quality to meet high standards of international market and made a success. SANY’s mixer trucks come with capacities from 2 to 12 m³.

4. Putzmeister

The German manufacturer is one of the most famous players in the industry of concrete equipment all around the world. Putzmeister relies on their 60 years of experience in the field, supplying the international market with high endurance concrete trucks, the capacity goes from 6 to 12 m³.

5. Schwing

Schwing GmbH, is a German big name in the industry of concrete equipment, with more than 9 decades is this sector, the company has plants in five countries: Austria, Brazil, India, the USA and Germany. Schwing offer a variety of concrete mixer truck models with different capacities from 6 to 15 m³.

Concrete Mixer Truck Manufacturers in India

Many local Indian brands produce concrete mixer trucks among them: Schwing Setter India, Powerol Energy Systems, Mahindra Ltd, Ganpati Engineers, Sunbeam Generators Pvt. Ltd. Most of these brands supply national and international markets offering competitive prices.

Mixer Truck Manufacturers in the UK

Among the manufacturers in the UK, we have McPhee Mixers, ADC Trucks. These brands sell their products in the UK and Europe.

Concrete Truck Manufacturers in the USA

Among the leading US manufactures we can mention Schwing America Inc and Putzmeister America, and McNeilus. These companies produce mixer trucks for the US and North American market.

Concrete Mixer Truck Manufacturers in Japan

Even though some of them don’t have a huge reputation worldwide, Japanese manufacturers are among the suppliers of Asian market. Among these companies we have kyokuto kaihatsu kogyo co ltd, KYB, etc.

Truck Mixer Manufacturers in Germany

The German giants - Schwing, putzmeister and Liebherr are among the best in the world. These manufacturers are considered leaders in the concrete equipment industry with many decades of experience.

Concrete Truck Manufacturers in China

Chinese companies are having a big share in the international market of mixer truck. The leading brand is Zoomlion Heavy Industry and of course we can mention others like Xuzhou Construction Machinery, Shandong Hongda Construction Machinery, etc.

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1. What is the main criteria of choosing a concrete truck mixer?
Well, if buying any product, the price absolutely matters and could be on the top of the requirements. Another important thing is to check the availability of spare parts but what matters the most is capacity.

2. Which brand is the best?
All well-known brands are the best option, because they have strict quality standards, endurance and long lifetime, which are important in the construction field. Mixer trucks work for long hours and that makes them in need of maintenance so the availability of spare parts is guaranteed for famous brands.

3. Are Chinese brands a good option?
Actually, Chinese brands are among the top manufacturers of concrete trucks. They are developing technologies and taking a larger share in the market and could offer lower prices for the same quality.

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