Bitumen melting machine also named bitumen melter is a special machine for melting and decanting the solid bitumen from barrel/bag/wooden box to liquid, which can be used in the asphalt mixing plant or other industry. The bitumen in the barrel will be heated and melted to liquid by 320~450℃ hot exhaust air from burner and hot thermal oil pipes, save energy and reduce working cost.

With prices ranging from $21,500 to $65,500, a bitumen melting machine is a serious investment for any company in construction industry, large or small. Some factors, like the capacity of the melting machine and configuration requirements, impact the price of the bitumen meltor.

Bitumen Melting Machines For Sale

Price List of Bitumen Melting Machine 2021

DJT-3000 $65,000 $90,000
DJT-5000 $100,000 $150,000
DJT-8000 $120,000 $180,500
DJT-10000 $120,000 $300,000

Bitumen Melter Best-selling Regions

The solid bitumen is melted by melt equipment, and the melted liquid bitumen is widely used in construction industry. Due to such a wide application, melt equipment get well-accepted worldwide, especially well sold in Tanzania, Costa Rica, D.R. Congo, East Timor, Angola, Argentina, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt,Panama, Tajikistan, Zambia, Ukraine, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Sudan, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Morocco, Mongolia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Chile, Thailand, Algeria, Turkmenistan, Senegal etc.

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