Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer (JS500-JS1500A)

Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer (JS500-JS1500A)

  • Model: JS500 ~ JS1500A
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Brief Introduction

1. Twin shaft concrete mixer produces high quality concrete at high speed with outstanding reliability.
2. It combines an extra-rigid frame with work proven power train and innovative shaft seals that can last for the life of the mixer.
3. The twin shaft mixer is ideal for large batches of wet precast, SCC and ready-mix concrete.
4. Features include certified liner and paddles, fully sealing discharge door, wide access hatch with built-in inspection port and a unique hinged sidewall which allows aggregates to enter the mixer or to bypass.
5. In the bypass mode, the mixer handles sand, cement and water; the aggregate discharges straight into the transit mixer as the mixer discharges the sand/cement/water slurry.
6.Final mixing takes place in the transit mixer, which allows the plant to handle double the batch size and double the throughput per hour, while still gaining the advantage of better mixing and superior concrete.

Product Parameters

Model JS500 JS750 JS1000A JS1500A
Discharge volume 500L 750L 1000L 1500L
Charging volume 800L 1200L 1600L 2400L
Theoretical capacity ≥25m3 ≥35m3 ≥50m3 ≥75m3
Aggregate sizes ≤60/80mm ≤60/80mm ≤60/80mm ≤60/80mm
Working circle 72s 72s 72s 72s
Mixing speed 35 r/min 30.5 r/min 25.5 r/min 23 r/min
Mixing arm quantity 2×7 2×8 2×8 2×9
Mixing motor model Y180M-4 Y200L-4 Y225S-4 Y225M-4
Mixing motor power 18.5 kW 30 kW 2*18.5 kW 2*22 kW
Lifting model YEZ132S-4 YEZ132M-4 YEZ160L-4 YZE180M-4
Lifting power 5.5 kW 7.5 kW 11 kW 18.5 kW
Hopper model 50DWB20-8A 65DWB35-5 KQW65-100 KQW65-100
Filling power 0.75 kW 1.1 kW 3 kW 3 kW
Dimension (mm) 3030×2300×2680 4550×2250×2450 4640×2250×2250 5058×2250×2440
Overall weight (kg) 5500 6100 9880 10960

Main Features

1. As a miniature double-horizontal-shaft forced type concrete mixer, this concrete mixing machine features short mixing time, good homogeneity and reliable operation.
2. Shaft tip is sealed by floating-ring, which is reliable and easy to maintain and replace.
3. The compact design of mixer has the advantage of small space occupied, which is helpful for the installation in your plant and retrofitting exist concrete batching plants.
4. Original Italian planetary gearbox runs at lower noise and temperature and have longer service life.
5. Double floating ring seals and special designed seals, combined with high pressure grease, can prolong the life of the shaft seals and prevent the slurry leakage.
6. The use of superior lubricating pump gives better results. Electric pump and distributor meters an exact amount of grease to each shaft seals. No grease distributor maintenance troubles and improves working reliability.
7. The arrangement of the mixing arms on the mixing shaft forms an interrupted spiral. The superposition of axial and radial movements produces a three-dimensional circulating path. This system results in very short mixing time with energy saving as an additional benefit.
8. Large access facility is for easy maintenance and cleaning. The key-operated safety switch guarantees that the motor cannot be powered with the cover open, even if the disconnect switch is closed.
9. Hydraulic system equipped with manual pump allows the door be opened in case of electric failure.
10. The discharging door is equipped with limit switches, which can be opened at any angle.
11. From optimal model selection to customized mixer for special applications, we can offer a full range of technical support and maintenance services.

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