Top 5 Wheel Loader Manufacturers in the World

Construction cannot be completed without the use of wheel loaders. These large machines come in handy when huge loads are meant to be transferred from one place to another. Loads can have anything, from debris to gavel, soil, dirt, you name it!

Wheel loaders use their central arm to elevate and demote their bucket, and with the help of a bell crank, this bucket opens and closes upon demand. Multiple brands manufacture some perfect quality wheel loaders globally, and at the end of the day, only heavy lifting ones can get the construction work done sooner and better.

To know more about companies that manufacture the best wheel loaders in the world, keep reading!

Top 5 Wheel Loader Brands
1. Hitachi
2. Case
3. Caterpillar
4. Liugong
5. L&T

1. Hitachi

You have most definitely heard of Hitachi at least once in your life, and if not heard, then certainly you must have seen dozers and excavators with Hitachi written on it. Hitachi is a brand that isn't just limited to making heavy-duty vehicles, but they also provide business services. Some of which include system integration, system operation, monitoring, and maintenance business. Additionally, they also offer network services as well as information regarding equipment and software.

Above all, they are known for manufacturing one of the best wheel loaders in the world.

  • Founded: 1910
  • Headquarters: Chiyoda City in Tokyo, Japan
  • Employees: 29,850
  • Products: Hitachi ZW30, Hitachi ZW60, Hitachi ZW80, Hitachi ZW100-6, Hitachi ZW120-6, Hitachi ZW140-6, Hitachi ZW150-6, Hitachi ZW150-PL6, Hitachi ZW180-6, Hitachi ZW220-6, Hitachi ZW250-6, Hitachi ZW310-6, Hitachi ZW330-6, Hitachi ZW370-6, Hitachi ZW550-6.
  • Price Range: USD$117,500.00 - USD$269,000.00 [varies]
Hitachi wheel loader

2. Case

One of the most versatile and high-performing groups of wheel loaders is manufactured by Case. Case, the brand has been thriving in the markets since 1842. Their base principle is that simple is better, and they focus on building some long-lasting and authentic relationships with their customers and clearly excel in their efforts. And it's precisely how they attract and keep knowledgeable and hands-on passionate people to stay in business with them.

  • Founded: 1842
  • Headquarters: Turin, Italy
  • Employees: Approx. 42,000
  • Products: 521G, 621G, 721G, 821G, 921G, 1021G, 1121G
  • Bucket Capacity Range: Heaped - 6.6 cu yds (5m), Struck - 7.5 cu yds (6m)
  • Price Range: USD$134,900.00 - USD$225,000.00 [varies]
Case wheel loader

3. Caterpillar

Designed for efficiency and productivity, Caterpillar is another multinational company that is highly spoken of regarding its originality and unique services. Cat makes giant diggers and excavators that can hold the weight of thousands of tonnes, and this exclusive quality makes it the most successful earth-moving product - brand in the world.

  • Founded: 1925
  • Headquarters: Deerfield, Illinois, U.S.
  • Employees: 97,300
  • Bucket capacity: 0.6-1 m3 (0.8 -1.3 yd3)
  • Price Range: USD$133,000.00 - USD$258,000.000 [varies]
Caterpillar wheel loader

4. Liugong

The very famous multinational company Liugong does not fall back on the variety of products they manufacture. From drilling rigs to cranes, they offer the utmost quality heavy-duty products, which is all that is desired at the end of the day. They have a reasonable and extended life period overall, which ensures their worth.

  • Founded: 1958
  • Headquarters: Liuzhou, China
  • Employees: Approx. 11,000
  • Products: LG-series [LG 930, LG938, LG939, LG940, LG946], T-series [T920, T928, T930, T936, T938], Large Wheel Loaders [L3500, LA936, LA956]
  • Price Range: USD$137,000.00 - USD$260,000 [varies]
liugong wheel loader

5. L&T

Larsen Toubro constructions & mining machinery constitute a significant part of the L&T group. They are responsible for distributing Komatsu, the Japanese brand, to the Indian audience. They have introduced edge-cutting technology to the Indian market over the years.

As of now, they deal in various products such as hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, motor grades and rear dumpers. All these products are available in a variety of sizes, precisely small, medium and large sizes. Speaking of wheel loaders, the one's from L&T manufacturers have the following features.

  • Founded: 1975
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Employees: Approx. 337,994
  • Products: L&T 9020 and L&T 9020 SX
  • Bucket capacity: 1.5-3.0 m^3
  • Price range : $120,000- $180,000 [varies]
L&T wheel loader

Wheel Loader Brands In China

Other than Liugong, other reputed loading equipment brands in China conclude SDLG, LONKING, JINGONG, CHANGLIN, LOVOL, XGMA, XCMG, etc. They all occupy a large or small local market share and see a growing share in the global market as well.

Wheel Loader Brands In Japan

It's a mind-boggling number when it comes to how many wheel loader manufacturers are in Japan. Some five or six loader brands out of about 20 manufacturing companies are so renowned that it’s difficult for you to be not aware of them, like Komatsu, Hitachi, Yanmar, Marubeni, etc.

Wheel Loader Manufacturers In India

A report suggested that the Indian construction market has the largest demand for 3-ton and 5-ton wheel loaders. Moreover, the loader market of India is pretty much overwhelmed by the global giants, who almost all have established subsidiary or manufacturing factories across the country. Volvo, JCB, Komatsu, Tata Hitachi, Liugong are among them.

To Learn More About Your Local Manufacturers and Suppliers

Wrapping Up

All these brands listed above are known for their premium quality wheel loaders and services. They deal in numerous countries all over the world and exceptionally release better products, especially wheel loaders fully updated with recent technology. Their features and trust of customers are unmatchable, and this gets them to the top 5.

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1. What are some wheel loader applications?
There are a variety of wheel loaders used for different purposes. Some significant applications include: Block handling, Log Handling, Rock Handling, Waste Handling, Slag Handling, Re-handling, Agriculture Handling, etc.

2. How to choose the right kind of a wheel loader?
To select the correct wheel loader, you should first acknowledge the nature of the job to be done. There are always a lot of options to choose from, but choosing the right one will make your job conducted more efficiently, therefore, recognition of the site and the size of the operation is essential.

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