The SCO summit meeting is so meaningful that all kinds of related information emerges and gathers in people’s sight. If it were not this meeting, many people are still not aware that some of the Henan enterprises have already reached the fields that “one road one belt” points to, like LYROAD Machinery who supports asphalt mixing equipments for this “Road Beautifying” project for Zhengzhou SCO meeting, has extended its business scope to many SCO member states. LYROAD Machinery is a classic example of enterprises that “walks out of the country”.

Take Russia for instance, LYROAD Machinery became the first Henan engineering equipment enterprise that establishes branch factory in Russia. In the spirit of saving cost for client, raising after-sale service response, LYROAD resolutely invest in the factory with steady confident in ourself and Russia market. Now we have opened Russia market, our products quickly covers the Eastern Europe and Siberia just as Russia’s territory. LYROAD has become one of the Top 3 brands in Russia asphalt plant market.

In Uzbekistan, LYROAD asphalt plants have been installed in many citys as Tashkent, Samarkand, Bokhara and Khiva since 2011, which makes great contribution to Uzbekistan municipal construction.

In Kyrgyzstan, LYROAD Machinery changes their custom to import second-hand asphalt plants from European countries, and becomes the first brand that exports new asphalt plant to Kyrgyzstan. In Mongolia, you can see an asphalt mixing plant standing in the Ulan Bator suburban with Chinese characters “LYROAD” on it. It’s the pride and spiritual sustenance of local overseas Chinese.

In fact, asphalt plants “made in Henan” are not only popular in SCO member states, but also in European market. In the asphalt plant’s hometown – UK, LYROAD Machinery has exported many asphalt mixing equipments since 2013, which is the No.1 in this business. Just before the SCO meeting, an complete environment friendly asphalt plant were shipped to Australia.

The SCO meeting speaks out the direction of “one belt one road”, Henan enterprises should follow this trend and look for opportunities, and we believe that the future of Henan enterprises are brilliant.

Zhengzhou Paves the Road for SCO Summit Meeting Zhengzhou Paves the Road for SCO Summit Meeting Zhengzhou Paves the Road for SCO Summit Meeting Zhengzhou Paves the Road for SCO Summit Meeting

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