From Feb20 to Feb23, related engineers from Thailand company project visited our factory again. This Thailand company is the top 500 company in the world, this time the related engineer come to study our asphalt mixing plant and pulverize coal burner.

From Feb20 to Feb21, engineers came to our workshop with us studied every part of the asphalt mixing plant and its operating principle in detail.After visited the workshop, we went to our LB3000(capacity 240t/h) asphalt mixing plant and LB1500(capacity 120t/h) asphalt mixing plant worksite to study the whole plant and the coal burner under operating.

From Feb22 to Feb23, engineers studied our coal burner in detail. we installed a whole set RM2000 coal burner for them, and commissioning the coal burner for them. They got a deeply understand of the coal burner working principle. All the questions from them were sloved perfectly.

At last, we discussed the senior management of their company to visit our factory in the near future and the order of 3 sets coal burner and 1 set asphalt mixing plant in the meeting room happily.

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