Ukraine customer Mr. Sergey visited our company from 16th, Feb. to 19th, Feb. 2014.

This time Mr. Sergey visited us mainly to purchase our coal burner for his laboratory showroom and negotiated about cooperation with my company for developing a new generation coal burner together.

In the visiting of three days, Mr. Sergey examined the burner parts, asked the technical parameters. And had in-depth exchanges about the designing and scheme of research and development of the new generation coal burner, and get a preliminary cooperation agreement.

The coal burner is one of our products, which mainly used for asphalt plant, meanwhile it can be used as industry heating device, such as boiler. Our RM series rotation type coal burner features:
1. Adopt new design structure, which changed the principle of traditional burner, adopt rotation type combustor to solve the imperfections of traditional burner(easy slagging, incomplete combustion);
2. High flame temperature, energy saving, burning sufficient;
3. Adopt high performance refractory brick, prolong service life;
4. 24 hours continuous production, no need do slag removal work everyday;
5. Production cost is low, the cost is only about 1/5 of the oil burner.

Ukraine customer Mr. Sergey visiting our company Ukraine customer Mr. Sergey visiting our company

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