Asphalt recycling plant is equipment that is enabled to make use of recycled old mixtures to produce new asphalt mix by combining reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), original aggregate, and filler. It helps to save fuel and materials, reduce pollution and waste.

Asphalt recycling plants' price ranges from $182,000 to $400,000, mainly impacted by the RAP processing capability, total productivity, and parameter requirements. With the characteristic of reusing the wasted asphalt pavement materials, the hot asphalt recycling machines can save aggregates, fuel, bitumen. Operating costs could be reduced largely.

Asphalt Recycling Plants For Sale

Price List of Asphalt Recycling Plants 2021

RLB60 $230,000+ 60 T/H
RLB80 $270,000+ 80 T/H
RLB120 $350,000+ 120 T/H
RLB160 $400,000+ 160 T/H

With hot recycling technology adopted, HMA recycling equipment can turn recycled old mixtures (RAP) into the newly finished mixture with good quality by the means of mixing it with aggregate and filler. RAP's proportion can reach up to 50%, and 100% RAP can be reused. This feature makes the recycling AMP energy-saving, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly. Hot recycled mixing machine is most suitable for those areas with vast heavily broken pavement needing to repair or change, which is usually caused by heavy traffic. Therefore, RAP asphalt recycling machines are often seen serving expressways, urban roads. Asphalt recycling machines for sale in developed countries and those regions with rapid economic development, such as the USA, England, France, Australia, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan.

FAQs About Recycled Asphalt Plants For Sale

1. What's the difference between the cold recycled final mixture and the hot recycled final mixture?
The cold recycled HMA final mixture corresponds to the hot recycled HMA final mixture. The cold recycling method is to use a pavement milling machine to mill, dig, and crush the original pavement on the spot, then add stabilizers, cement, water (or add emulsified asphalt) and aggregates to mix on the spot, and finally roll the shape. Compared with hot recycling construction, cold recycling construction is cheaper, and its recycling effect is worse than hot recycling, so it is mostly used in the renovation of low-grade roads. Hot recycled HMA final mixture are mostly used for high-grade pavements.

2. What's the working principle of rap recycling machine?
First, the old pavement will be excavated and transported back to the mixing equipment, and then intensively crushed. According to the quality requirements of different levels of the pavement, the ratio design is carried out to determine the addition ratio of the old HMA mixture. The reclaimed asphalt pavement, original asphalt material, new aggregate, etc. are remixed into a new mixture in a certain proportion in the mixer, so as to obtain excellent recycled HMA and pave the recycled asphalt pavement.

3. What are the benefits of using a hot recycled asphalt mixing machine?
  • The equipment investment is small. It is enough to add a set of hot recycling equipment on the basis of the original asphalt mixing plant.
  • The quality of the mixture is better controlled. We can conduct tests based on the asphalt content, asphalt aging degree, distribution, moisture content and other parameters of the original road surface reclaimed materials, select appropriate regenerants or design appropriate regeneration processes to better ensure the quality of recycled asphalt mixtures.
  • The elevation of the repaved road will not change.
  • The recycled mixture can be transported back to the original pavement for paving or transported to other construction sites for paving. All recycled materials can be fully utilized.
  • The bitumen fume generated during the heating process of recycled materials can be used for secondary combustion treatment with the aid of burners, drying drums, and dust collectors to reduce waste gas pollution.

4. What is on-site RAP hot recycling?
The on-site RAP hot recycling method is to use mobile on-site hot recycling equipment to heat the old RAP, raking, and adding regenerating agent, new bitumen, and original aggregate into the mixer after excavation so as to obtain excellent recycled asphalt concrete. Compared with the pre-mix recycled asphalt mixing plant, it has some disadvantages, like larger equipment investment, more difficult on-site construction quality control, increased road elevation after the repair, untreatable harmful smoke released during the production process.

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