Tips on Asphalt Plant Maintenance

Proper and regular maintenance on asphalt plant helps to reduce breakdowns, improve working efficiency and increase service life. The followings are some tips for asphalt mixing plant maintenance. However, please comply with manufacturer’s Maintenance Manual first.

Daily maintenance on asphalt mixing plant

1. Check temperature and lubrication of all bearings.
2. Check pneumatic hoses for leakage.
3. Check the overflowed aggregate pipe for jam.
4. When the plant is shutdown, empty the mixer and clean discharge doors thoroughly.

Weekly maintenance on asphalt mixing plant

1. Lubricate all equipment according to the Lubrication Schedule.
2. Check the wear and damage conditions of conveyor belts, repair or change if necessary.
3. Check the bolts on hot aggregate elevator and its buckets, fasten or change them if necessary. Adjust the baffle plate so as to make sure aggregate properly fall down into the vibrating screen.
4. Check chains, sprocket and drive pulley, change if necessary.
5. Check if the induced draft fan is jammed by dusts. Accumulated dusts may cause abnormal vibration or bearing wear.
6. Check if there is any jam or wear on the inlets /outlets of screw conveyors.
7. Check the wear on carry blades inside drying drum. Check chains, pins and sprockets on drying drum (chain drive). Check shaft coupling, support roller and thrust roller on drying drum (friction drive).
8. Check wear on mixing paddles, arms, shaft sealant, adjust or change if necessary.
9. Check engine oil level and sealant on motors with reducers.

Yearly maintenance on asphalt mixing plant

1. Check the wear on all fiction surfaces and clean them thoroughly.
2. Wash and clean gear boxes and gear shafts, then fill them with lubricant oil.
3. Check tightness on all connections and joints.

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