60t/h portable asphalt plant ylb700 in Ethiopia

Portable Asphalt Plant YLB Series
Model: YLB700 ~ YLB2000
Capacity: 60 ~ 160 T/H
Portable plant,easy for transportation and installation, fast relocation;
Modular structure,batch mixing, precise batching, accurate weighing.

portable asphalt plant mdhb

Portable Asphalt Plant MDHB Series
Model: MDHB40 ~ MDHB100
Capacity: 40 ~ 100 T/H
Portable asphalt plant,continous production, drum mix;
Modular structure, ease of relocation, lower initial investment;

40t/h portable asphalt plant qlb40 in UK

Portable Asphalt Plant QLB Series
Model: QLB10 ~ QLB80
Capacity: 10 ~ 80 T/H
Portable asphalt plant,compact modular structure, ease of trasnportation and relocation;
Less land occupation, precise weighing, low initial cost, highly cost-effective.

portable asphalt plant YLLB seires

Portable Asphalt Plant YLLB Series
Model: YLLB
Capacity: 100 T/H
Portable plant, quick assembly, less foot print, easy transportation, low consumption, low emission, environment-friendly.

 portable Asphalt Plant MB series

Portable Asphalt Plant MB Series
Model: MB500 ~ MB2500
Capacity: 40 t/h ~ 200 t/h
Mobile plant, compact design, quick assembly, less foot print.

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