SLB asphalt drum mix plant
  • SLB drum mix asphalt plant

SLB Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

  • Model: SLB8 ~ SLB30
  • Product Capacity: 8 t/h ~ 30 t/h
  • Highlight:
    Mini asphalt plant, continuous drum mixing;
    Ease of transportation and relocation
  • Brief Introduction
    SLB series is mobile, continuous asphalt mixing plant; it is the smallest of all asphalt plants made by LYROAD Machinery. SLB series is featured by small size, compact structure, ease of relocation and operation. The output of SLB seires varies from 8~30t/h, suitable for road maintenance project and small-sized road construction project.
    Model and Parameter
    Model SLB-8 SLB -10 SLB -15 SLB -20 SLB -30
    Capacity 8t/h 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h
    Total Power Fuel Oil 23.7 kW 24.3 kW 33 kW 46.5 kW 60 kW
    Fuel Coal 40 kW 41 kW 54 kW 70 kW 90.3 kW
    Asphalt Temperature 120-180°C (adjustable)
    Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil: 5-7.5 kg/t; Fuel Coal: 13-15 kg/t
    Optional Components Water dust collector, Baghouse dust collector, Control room, Bitumen heating tank
    Main Features

    1. Low initial investment, cost-effective, suitable for small-sized road construction / maintenance project;
    2. Drying drum and mixing drum connects each other, less heat loss and fast mixing;
    3. Modular structure with mobile chassis, ease of transportation and relocaion;
    4. PLC control system, allow manual /auto /semi-auto operation mode;
    5. Stable and reliable, ease of maintenance.

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