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40t/h drum mix asphalt plant
40t/h drum mix asphalt plant
60t/h drum mix asphalt plant
60t/h drum mix asphalt plant
80t/h drum mix asphalt plant
80t/h drum mix asphalt plant
100t/h drum mix asphalt plant
100t/h drum mix asphalt plant
40t/h drum mix asphalt plant
60t/h drum mix asphalt plant
80t/h drum mix asphalt plant
100t/h drum mix asphalt plant

Drum Mix Asphalt Plant for Sale

What is drum mix asphalt plant? It is one of the two most widely used asphalt plants around the world, aggregate and additives are heated, dried and then homogenized with bitumen in a drying drum, and that’s why it is called DRUM MIX (whereas a Batch Mix Asphalt Plant produce asphalt mix in a pug-mill mixer).

Drum mix asphalt plant for sale produce asphalt mix through a continuous process, thus it is also called continuous asphalt plant (compared to batch mix asphalt plant). In some countries and regions, drum mix asphalt plant also name as asphalt drum mixing plant, drum asphalt production factory, drum asphalt plant and so on.

DHB40 ~ DHB100
Production Capacity:
40t/h ~ 100t/h
Drum mix asphalt plant manufacturer, road construction machinery supplier, LYROAD.

Drum Mix Asphalt Plant Parameter & Configuration

Liaoyuan Machinery enjoys rich experience in the design, manufacture and sales of drum mix asphalt plant for clients all over the world. Below are the parameter and configurations of our drum asphalt plants currently for sale. You can choose the right model and capacity according to your projects size and maximum daily production demands. In addition, customized design available!

40tph Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

continous asphalt palnt, drum mixing asphalt plant

40t/h Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant Parameter

Model: DHB40
Production Capacity: 40t/h
Type:Stationary, Hot Mix, Drum Mix
Drying Drum Size:Φ1200*5200mm
Cold Aggregate Feeder:4m3*3
Hot Storage Silo:2.5m3
Installed Power:89kW
Fuel Consumption:5.5 ~ 7kg/ton (diesel)
Plant Site Footprint:30m × 16m × 6m (L*W*H)

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Drum Mix Asphalt Plant Benefits and Advantages

Continuous asphalt mixing plants are suitable for small and medium-sized road construction project. It has advantages as the following:

1. Smaller size and compact structure, less land footprint, could be located in a narrow or confined area.

2. Compared with batch mix asphalt plant, DHB series has no mixing tower, quite convenient for transportation, installation and relocation.

3. Cold aggregate feeder with load cells and variable frequency motor; aggregate feed is precised controlled.

4. Drying drum has functions of heating, drying and mixing, high energy efficiency ratio; optimized inner structure and external thermal insulation shell, fast heating speed and less heat loss.

5. Easier for operation and maintenance.

6. Low initial investment and highly cost effective. Fast return on investment.

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80+ Countries Presence,400+ Asphalt Plants Exported
80+ Countries Presence
400+ Mixing Plants Exported

Liaoyuan Machinery, a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, commenced international trade since 2012. By virtue of sophisticated management and rigorous quality control, our products drew lots of attention from overseas and gain numerous orders within a short time. Uninterrupted technical innovation and product optimization are the reasons why our sales keep increasing these years.

22 Utility Patents,10 Design Patents
22 Utility Patents
10 Design Patents

Liaoyuan Machinery is a trustworthy manufacturer. With the efforts of all company staff, our R&D strength gets enhanced continuously. Till now, we have been awarded tens of patents, which help us become a player of the top class of China road-building equipment manufacturers. we'll go forward in the specialization direction and stick to focus on technical innovation, strengthening the competitiveness of our products and prices.

CE, ISO, EAC Certified,CCMA Director
CE , ISO , EAC Certified
CCMA Director

Our quality management system follows ISO9001/ISO14001, and our products are with CE and EAC certificate.Our machinery is committed to being the best in the business. Liaoyuan Machinery was elected as Board Member of CCMA( China Construction Machinery Association) in 2018. That means Liaoyuan has become influential and has won wide recognition in the road machinery industry of China. It's our goal to create more value to clients and partners both in domestic and abroad.

China NO.1 Asphalt,Plant Exporter
China NO.1 Asphalt
Plant Exporter

In 2017, Liaoyuan exported over 60 sets of hot mixing plants to our international clients, ranking first in China. What'more, if all the sales in the last ten years are summed up, compared with other mixing plant manufacturers in China, Liaoyuan Machinery is also expected to take the first prize, becoming NO.1 asphalt plant manufacturer and exporter. As an export-oriented manufacturer, Liaoyuan Machinery will try its best to serve all international customers.

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