Modified Bitumen Plant

Modified Bitumen Plant

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Liaoyuan Group developed GLS series multi-purpose modified bitumen plant which is able to produce SBS, EVA, PE, crumb rubber and other polymer modified bitumen. Roads built with polymer modified bitumen have longer service life, bigger resistance to heavy traffic load, increased skid resistance and ultra violet resistance, enhanced safety and comfort levels. GLS series modified bitumen plant is an ideal equipment for surface pavement of trunk road, urban road, highway, bridge and airport.

Model GLS-15 GLS-20 GLS-20C GLS-30
Max. productivity 15 t/h 20 t/h 20 t/h 30 t/h
Modified fineness <5μm <5μm <5μm <5μm
Weighing accuracy ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
Hot oil heater
800,000kcal/h 800,000kcal/h 800,000kcal/h 1,200,000kcal/h
Installed power 245kW 265kW 145kW 305kW
Total mass 42,000kg 42,000kg 30,000kg 51,000kg
Overall Dimension
12350*2800*3100 12350*2800*3100 9700*2800*3100 13000*2800*3120

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1 Colloid mill

2 Pump

3 Agitator

4 Weighing hopper

5 Reaction tank

6 Mixing tank

7 Modifier crusher

8 Bitumen pump

9 Bitumen filter


1. Main body of plant can be integrated on one frame; the whole equipment is easy to transport and relocate.

2. Wide adaptability, it can produce SBS, EVA, PE polymer modified bitumen, and rubber modified bitumen.

3. The plant adopts high-performance colloid mill, particle size after first shear and mill reaches 2-5μm; ensuring fine, homogeneous, stable and high quality modified bitumen.

4. Electronic weighing system, decrement measurement; ensuring high weighing precision and accurate material proportion.

5. Optimized heating system, blending system and piping system, saving energy cost, improving production rate.

6. Automatic control system, equipped with control panel,easy to operate , saving labour, safe and efficient.

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