LYJ Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

LYJ Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

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LYJ Series is a new type batch mixing asphalt plant launched by Liaoyuan Machinery in late 2016. LYJ Series adopts many self-developed patents and has outstanding improvements in weighing accuracy, productivity, material and fuel conservation and pollutant elimination. LYJ Series asphalt plant's output is 160 ~ 400tph, fit for road construction projects that has special requirements for asphalt quality, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Model Capacity (standard condition) Mixer Capacity Fuel Consumption  Measurement Accuracy
Oil Gas
LYJ180 180 t/h 2000kg 6~6.5kg/t 8~10m3/t Aggregate:  ±0.5% Filler: ±0.25% Bitumen: ±0.25%
LYJ220 220 t/h 2500kg 6~6.5kg/t 8~10m3/t
LYJ260 260 t/h 3000kg 6~6.5kg/t 8~10m3/t
LYJ340 340 t/h 4000kg 6~6.5kg/t 8~10m3/t

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Product Advantages

1.Patent structure, whole production process is fully enclosed; aggregate feeder, belt conveyor, loading chamber and mixing tower are all enclosed; minimal dust and pollutant emission; safe and clean.

2. Activate carbon devices are installed on bitumen tanks to absorb asphalt fume; asphalt fume generated in truck loading chamber is collected and circulate to drying drum and burn out, eliminating asphalt fume and other hazardous gas emission.

3. Separated hot aggregate bins, intelligent and precise control over cold aggregate feeding and hot aggregate storage; no overflowed hot aggregate during production, no redundant hot aggregate after production; eliminating waste of aggregate and fuel.

4. Patent "low flow + decrement measurement" technology, eliminating "weighing flash"; dynamic weighing accuracy: aggregate and filler<1%, bitumen<0.8%; static weighing accuracy: aggregate±0.5%, filler and bitumen±0.25%.

5. Multi-stage dust collecting system, 1 gravitational dust collector and 2 bag house dust collectors, better dust removal effect.

6. Batch cycle time is reduced to 40 seconds, the whole plant is more efficient and 15% more productive than that of same model batch mixing plant.


1. Filler Silo

Equipped with arch broken device, ensuring continuous filler supply.

2. Mixing Tower

Vibrating screen has 5-tier mesh, hot aggregate are classified into 5 particle size and stored in separate bins; screening and grading are more precise; "low flow + decrement weighing" measurement, more accurate.

3. Control Cabin

PLC control system, SIEMENS electronic elements, OMRON PLC, EMERSON inverter, Mettler-Tolerdo sensor.

4. Bag House Dust Collector

Pulse jet dust removal, NOMEX bag; large filtration area and better dust removal effect.

5. Drying Drum

Centralized automatic lubricating system, optimized structure.

6. Bitumen Tank

Thermal conductive oil/electric warming, with activated carbon asphalt fume absorption device.

7. Cold Aggregate Feeder

Enclosed structure, with dust collecting cover.

8. Filler Elevator

Chain hopper elevator, easy for maintenance; seamless structure, no dust leakage, sturdy and durable.

Product Details

Enclosed mixing tower and cold aggregate feeder

Enclosed belt conveyor and truck loading chamber

Dust collecting system including two separate baghouse filters (left). Activated carbon device on top of bitumen tank, absorbing asphalt fume (right)

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