ELB Asphalt Plant

ELB Environmental-friendly Asphalt Plant

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Product Parameters

ELB Series environmental-friendly asphalt plant is developed on the basis of LB Series; it retains the advantages of LB Series and attaches great importance on environmental protection and safety. ELB Series asphalt mixing plant is featured by low noise and less pollutant emission, fit for road construction projects in all grades and scales and can be used in urban or near urban area.

Model Capacity (standard condition) Mixer Size Fuel Consumption  Measurement Accuracy
Oil Gas
ELB700 60TPH 750kg 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t Aggregate:  ±0.5% Filler: ±0.5% Bitumen: ±0.25%
ELB1000 80TPH 1000kg 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t
ELB1200 100TPH 1200kg 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t
ELB1500 120TPH 1500kg /td> 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t
ELB2000 160TPH 2000kg 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t
ELB2500 200TPH 2500kg 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t
ELB3000 240TPH 3000kg 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t
ELB4000 300TPH 4000kg 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t
ELB5000 400TPH 5000kg 5.5~7kg/t 8~10m3/t

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Product Features

Product Advantages

1. Precise screening, accurate weighing, batch mixing; producing high quality finished asphalt; PLC control system, easy to operate.

2. Filler and additives such as dye pigment, fibres and foam can be fed into mixer, able to produce special finished asphalt in different ingredient and color.

3. New structure design; enclosed mixing tower, minimal dust leakage and low noise, more environmental friendly.

4. Adopt diesel or gas burner, clean and effective, less pollutant emission; two stage dust collecting system: gravitational dust collector + bag house dust collector, better dust removal effect.

5. Enclosed mixing tower with lock, hazardous and higher section are equipped with safety guardrails and security devices; whether operation or maintenance, equipment and body safety can be secured.

Product Details

Fully enclosed mixing tower, modular design

Paint and welding joint: Anti-rust and heat-resistant paint, continuous corner welding joint

Zinc paint cable tray, cluster cable distribution; easy for installation, safe and reliable

Protective mesh; take every measure to maintain safe

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