coal burner testing reportUsed for 25-320 t/h asphalt mixing plant. Environment friendly: combustion completeness ≥95%, air black: Ringelmann 0-I grade, no harm to environment.
RM series rotation type coal burner features:
1. Adopt new design structure, which changed the principle of traditional burner, adopt rotation type combustor to solve the imperfections of traditional burner(easy slagging, incomplete combustion).
2. High flame temperature, energy saving, burning sufficient.
3. Adopt high performance refractory brick, prolong service life.
4. 24 hours continuous production, no need do slag removal work everyday.
5. Production cost is low, the cost is only about 1/3 of the oil burner.
Requirements of fuel:
1. Use 0 # diesel for oil burning igniter;
2. Requirements for coal used for burning:
(1) Mark of coal: bituminous coal;
(2) Gross calorific value:≥5000kcal/kg (≥ 20000kJ/kg); Net calorific value:≥4200kcal/kg;
(3) Volatile matter:≥25%; (4) Ash Content: ≤10%;
(5) Total moisture: ≤35%; (6) Inherent moisture:≤14%;
(7) Total sulphur:≤1%; (8) Particle size:≤20mm.
Note: These indexes are the lowest requirements for the coal, the better coal will be better at practice.

General Parameters:

Model RM500 RM1000 RM1500 RM2000 RM3000 RM4000
Power 31.25 kW 41.25 kW 73.75 kW 80.25KW 138.45 kW 202.45kW
Rated coal consumption 500 kg/h 1000 kg/h 1500 kg/h 2000 kg/h 3000 kg/h 4000 kg/h
Mixture temperature control 130-180℃ 130-180℃ 130-180℃ 130-180℃ 130-180℃ 130-180℃
Main machine LTZ40 LTZ80 LTZ120 LTZ160 LTZ240 LTZ320
Coal pulverizer FMJ40 FMJ80 FMJ120 2*FMJ80 2*FMJ120 3*FMJ120
Distribution cabinet PD40 PD80 PD120 PD160 PD240 PD320
Combustion completeness ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95%
Matching asphalt plant output 25-40 t/h 70-85 t/h 100-125 t/h 140-170 t/h 200-250 t/h 280-320 t/h

Notes: FMJ series coal pulverizer, used for producing and supplying coal powder for coal burner. powder particle size: 200mesh.

Main Structure of Coal Burning System For Asphalt Mixing Plant:

Coal Burner Technical Drawing
main structure of coal burning system for asphalt mixing plant   main structure of coal burning system for asphalt mixing plant

Comparison with Oil Burner

Cost Comparation of Oil Burner and Coal Burner of Asphalt Mixing Plant
(Calculated as per LB2000 (160t/h) with 10 hours working per day)

Comparison with Oil Burner

Pictures of Coal Burner

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